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Why Most Montana Small Business Websites Fail

And What To Do About It

By Scott Lester


Why Websites Fail

Many businesses whose web advertising doesn’t deliver results go astray because they settle for a “website” that is really little more than a brochure that happens to be online. The content tends to be all about the business. These sites are missing the boat because they’re not telling the visitor the one thing customers really want to know: ”What’s in it for me?” If the answer to that question is not up front and presented in a compelling way, Mr. Potential Customer is probably moving on, searching for a site that offers solutions and answers to his questions.

These failed sites occur because a site designer has not put the time and effort into understanding the customers’ needs. In short, good research and properly arranged content is critical to an effective website. Lack of good, professionally-written, benefit-sell copy, often combined with substandard graphics—can actually do a business more harm than good. The site visitor gets a negative impression when they land on the page and often will leave after just a few seconds.

A Better Way to Build Websites

In contrast to that, a site that is interesting to the site visitor, is visually appealing, and does a good job of selling your product or service to your ideal customer, can be a huge boon for business. No other medium is better at targeted marketing than pay per click advertising. A similar financial investment spent on print, radio or TV advertising is often a diluted investment because it’s being spent getting  your message out to a lot of people who have no interest at all in what you have to offer that day.  Being there when customers are searching for your particular products or services, with a visually appealing and compelling proposition is a great way to generate new business.

Building an online presence for your business requires that you think carefully from your customer’s point of view about their experience with your business. Ask yourself, can an online presence be used to engage with my target market and convert them to customers? If so, it’s time to work with an experienced and professional web designer to build a high quality tool to get it done. Remember, a website can only be as good as the content provided. Important considerations are: Testimonial information from former customers, high quality pictures, pictures of yourself and your staff, and high quality, professionally written articles that address your customer’s needs.

Look for a design firm that will help you accurately identify your market. Then combine that data with high quality graphic design and professionally written content to create a website that you’d interact with, and more importantly, that will effectively increase sales with your specific market. This is how you get a return on your investment many times over. This takes both design and marketing acumen, and most professional web designers have formal education in these important areas of expertise. Click below to learn more about how to find a webmaster to create a website that provides the maximum benefit for both you and your customers.


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